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Descriptive error handling library for GraphQL + Deno
Why we built graphErr

GraphQL is a strongly typed, introspective query language that solves the standard REST response issue of over- and under-fetching data.

However, even as multi-system queries are abstracted away, some of the benefits of the static, explicit architecture of a RESTful API are lost with GraphQL…

The graphErr solution

A lightweight, free library to generate readable, actionable error data that enables query debugging when using GraphQL in Deno.
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About graphErr

GraphErr is an un-opinionated, lightweight library that provides descriptive, debuggable error data to developers working with GraphQL in Deno.

In addition to expanded and illustrative error responses pulled directly from the formal GraphQL spec sheet, graphErr programmatically analyzes your GraphQL queries, adding a post-processing layer of error handling that reduces the conceptual burden on the developer by providing many of the benefits of RESTful API architecture.

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